Security & Compliance

CentreStack’s On-Premise Deployment Options & Security Features Enable Compliance for Service Providers and Enterprises.

Security Features to Control Access
& Prevent Data Loss

SSL, AES-256bit Encryption
& Remote-Wipe

Prevent data from being lost or stolen by encrypting it and limiting transmission to secure channels. Remotely wipe CentreStack data from lost or stolen devices.


Prevent the spread of ransomware by detecting suspicious behavior and disabling infected devices.


Use server side antivirus integration to scan files before they are uploaded. No need to install AV on endpoints.

Installable On-Premise for Compliance Standards

  • PCI
  • Sarbanes Oxley

CentreStack provides the auditing, security, and control needed for compliance with regulatory standards such as FINRA, HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes Oxley and more

Fully Leverage Existing Security Configuration

NTFS & Active Directory

Fully leverage existing NTFS permissions and Active Directory identities for all access scenarios. When a file server's data is copied to the cloud, CentreStack copies the NTFS permissions and keeps them synchronized. When a file server is used as cloud storage without data replication, the existing NTFS permissions are used to control access.

Auditing, Reporting & Logging

  • Data-at-Rest Encryption
  • Encrypted Connections
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Group Policies
  • Permission Controls
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • HIPAA & FINRA Compliance

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