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Enable online access to private storage service with existing active directory integration

Turn Private Storage into Cloud with Active Directory Identities


This white paper describes how CentreStack enables online access to private storage services with Active Directory integration. The solution can be used by businesses to privately deploy and host a file sync and share solution, providing an access layer (browser, mobile, desktop and file server access) around private cloud storage service and local file server network share, and retaining full control of data and the related access infrastructure.

Problem Statement

Many businesses have existing file sharing solution via Windows File Server on the local area network. The businesses want to enable online access and mobile access to the private storage services to enhance productivity, while at the same time, maintain security and control.

Many businesses also have standardized on Active Directory for network administration and security. Active Directory is used to authenticate and authorize users for secure network resource access inside the business IT infrastructure.

Extending the current access methods to private storage services shall be securely controlled by the Active Directory and controlled by company IT department or managed service provider.

As the CIO of the company, you are happy with your existing IT infrastructure, and have all the file servers secure and under control. Your on-premise SAN and NAS storage may have excess capacity planned years ago and will remain sufficient for several years to come. You are happy because everything is under control and growing as planned, and your business is running smoothly.

However, you have a growing concern because you  have noticed the penetration of public cloud storage applications such as Dropbox into your corporate IT infrastructure. Your employees have these applications on their laptops making it easy to leak corporate data to third party cloud storage services.

You need a dropbox-like solution that you control 100%, using your existing file servers, SAN storage and NAS storage. You don't want to make any new hardware investments, but you want to plug in a dropbox-like solution to leverage your existing IT infrastructure and while keeping it under your control.

Previous Options

There are private cloud solutions that come with everything, including the new storage server, software and the access clients. It could be expensive and you may not be ready to move away from your existing investment in file servers, SAN and NAS storage.

CentreStack Solution

CentreStack provides a solution for the problem above by wrapping all the file sync and share features into a Windows Installer package that you can install on your own. The solution provides a complete access solution covering browser access, mobile device access, desktop client access and file server access, all with the speed of streaming HTTP transfers.

The solution integrates with your own file server storage, SAN storage or NAS storage. It also integrates with your Active Directory and easily plugs into your existing IT infrastructure.

Benefit 1 - Low Cost Solution

CentreStack is a pure software based solution. It leverages your existing IT infrastructure. You don't need to purchase new storage solutions or new hardware.

Benefit 2 - Fit Right In

The solution can be plugged into your existing storage options and connected to your existing Active Directory service making it easy to start and easy to use.

Benefit 3 - Complete Control

From storage, to user management to CentreStack as access infrastructure, you have everything under control for a private cloud access solution.


CentreStack should be installed on a Windows 2008 R2 server , or a Windows 2012 R2 server as shown in the following configuration.

You will install the CentreStack inside a DMZ zone. It will have a public DNS name that client devices can use to connect.

Below is a diagram for a CentreStack server farm, when it has more than one server in the server farm.

For detailed implementation and deployment information, please reference the CentreStack Deployment Guide.


CentreStack leverages both the feature set of file sync and share solution and also the strength of control of private deployment by packaging features into a simple Windows Installable package.

The end result is a solution that Enterprises can easily deploy for their own private cloud storage service and private file server network share, with native Active Directory integration.

For more information, please contact CentreStack Support @ enterprise@gladinet.com or visit http://www.centrestack.com

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