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File Sync & Share Solution for MSP

Cloud Sync & Share, Team Collaboration Solution for Managed Service Provider


This white paper describes CentreStack for service provider. The product can be used by managed service providers, providing an access layer (browser, mobile, desktop and file server access) around storage service and local file server storage inside the service provider's data center. The end result is a branded cloud sync & share, team collaboration and backup solution managed by the service provider.

Problem Statement

MSPs providing managed exchange server, managed file server, web server and other managed services are looking for cloud solutions to enhance their service portfolio. They are looking for a solution that is similar to Box/Dropbox and can be branded in the service provider's name and use the provider's own storage services.

Some MSPs have excessive NAS storage, or SAN Storage with low utilization rate and are looking for solutions to leverage the storage for addition services that can be provided to customers.

Some MSPs have adopted OpenStack Swift for cloud storage service and are looking for access solutions that work together with the cloud storage service in their own data center.

Anyway, you need a file sync and share solution in your service portfolio.

Previous Options

Previously MSPs offer online backup solutions that are based on Mozy or other branded backup solutions. Cloud related solution is limited to backup functionalities, not fully utilize cloud and Internet's capability in sync, share and collaboration.

CentreStack Solution

CentreStack covers not only backup functionality, but also file sync & share, team collaboration. The access clients include web browser based file manager, mobile applications, desktop clients, cloud storage gateway and file server clients.

Benefit 1 - Branded Solution

Branding form is provided to brand the solution for the product name, web site logo and email templates. White-label clients are available immediately. When further branding is required, it is available too.

Benefit 2 - Simple Setup Process

The solution is built on top of Microsoft web platform, with IIS, ASP.NET, SQL Server Express and .NET Framework. An installer is provided to install the solution in a quick and easy way. All the prerequisite components are installed automatically.

Benefit 3 - Easy Storage Integration

From file server storage to NAS, SAN storage as UNC path, to private OpenStack Swift storage services, or even public cloud storage services. CentreStack works with all these storage services.

Benefit 4 - Multiple Tenants and Multiple Active Directory Support

CentreStack supports multiple tenants and support multiple active directories.

Benefit 5 - Scale to Multiple-Server Farm

Each single CentreStack server can support up to 5000 named users or 1000 concurrent users. Simply add servers to the farm to scale up the solution. For service providers that looks to support many users, the solution is easily scale up to a farm of servers.

Benefit 6 - Control Your Own Billing

You can bill your customers directly.

Benefit 7 -Seamless Integration

API is available to integrate the solution seamlessly into your current service provision portal.


It is recommended that CentreStack be installed on Windows 2008 R2 servers or Windows 2012 R2 servers as shown in the following configuration. You can connect the Active Directory to the CentreStack instance as the user manager.


CentreStack for Service Providers can be used to enhance service portfolios, leverage existing storage services and provide browser based access, mobile device access and traditional PC/Mac/File Server access to storage services.

The end result is a solution that Service Provider can brand and use for backup, access, sync & share and team collaboration.

For more information, please contact Gladinet Support @ enterprise@gladinet.com or visit http://www.centrestack.com

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