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This white paper describes CentreStack product and how it can be used to create an Enterprise Sync & Share solution, completely on-premise, and completely under your Enterprise's control.

Problem Statement

Online storage solutions are so easy to use that Enterprises have seen employees using them as a quick way to pass files around for easy access. As a result, corporate data can be easily leaked to third party sites and storage and can quickly go out of the enterprise's control.

Early in 2012, IBM banned its 400,000 employees from using Dropbox and other well-known applications on the corporate network.

CentreStack Solution

A better solution would be to create a dropbox-like service that is completely owned by the Enterprise, from the backend storage to the front-end web browser, desktop client and mobile access solutions.

Implementation #1

You can use CentreStack and your own file server as the backend storage. You would put the CentreStack server farm inside a DMZ zone. On the front side firewall, you can have port 80 and port 443 open for web based access and remote access. On the back side of the firewall, you have CIFS/SMB port open and optionally LDAP/Active Directory port open.

Implementation #2

Instead of using file server as the backend storage, you can have private cloud storage services such as OpenStack Swift, EMC Atmos or Nirvanix as the default storage.

In this implementation, instead of opening CIFS/SMB ports on the back side of the firewall, you will open 80/443 port to access the cloud storage service via the REST/HTTP protocol.


You can use CentreStack to create an Enterprise-owned and operated file sync and share solution. The solution covers browser-based access, desktop clients, file server clients and mobile apps.

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