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private file sharing diagram

Private File Sharing

CentreStack lets you create a completely on-premise sync and share solution to prevent the threat of information leakage through public clouds.

  • Simple On-Premise Deployment
  • Private Cloud Support
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Self Hosting On-Premise

CentreStack provides a sync and share platform that is completely owned by the Enterprise, from the back end storage and control infrastructure to the front-end web browser, desktop client and mobile devices.

  • Installable Sync and Share
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Branding
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self hosting on premise diagram
active directory integration diagram

Active Directory Integration

CentreStack uses your existing identities and infrastructure to create a private sync and share platform.

  • Leverage Existing Identities
  • Merge IT Infrastructure with Cloud Storage
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OpenStack Swift Integration

CentreStack lets you create a private sync and share solution using OpenStack Swift and many other storage services.

  • Private Storage
  • Simple On-Premise Deployment
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openstack swift integration diagram
hybrid cloud with file servers diagram

Hybrid Cloud with File Servers

CentreStack provides several integration options for your existing file servers.

  • Hybrid File Server with Cloud Storage
  • Remote File Server Access
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