CentreStack provides a control oriented alternative to file sync and share platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Anchor. The product is focused on maintaining the Windows file server experience and can even be used to enhance an existing file server for mobile access without replicating its data to the cloud.

CentreStack VS Local


  • Reduce Licensing & Support Costs.
  • Increase Usability & Mobility
  • Access Application Data like PDFs & Office Documents from Any Device without using a VPN or RDP
  • Reserve VPNs and RDP for Access to Heavyweight Applications like QuickBooks.
  • Lower licensing and support costs than VPNs or Remote Desktops

CentreStack VS Cloud

Cloud & Hybrid

When file server data is synchronized with or moved to the cloud, CentreStack focuses on maintaining the traditional Windows file server experience. This is achieved by maintaining existing access controls with file locking, mapped drives and on-demand synchronization that is based on a native file system driver for maximum performance and usability.

  • Maintain Data Control
  • Better Performance & Usability

CentreStack VS Hybrid

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