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"CentreStack made all the difference in the world for us. Thank you for being awesome." - John Smith, CEO


BIT is a Managed Service Provider with their own Datacenter where they provided hosted exchange, applications aand virtual servers. Searching for this solution for quite some time. Wants to offer it to clients as replacement for in-house file servers. Goal is to create a robust solution to replace file server. Instead of building and backing up file servers. Use one central solution in the data center. BIT has two classes of clients - small businesses and larger organizations. Small business require on-premise file servers for file sharing and large organizations generally have internal IT and only outsource work they don't want to do or don't have the skills to handle. Theses issues limited the scalability of the business and led management to rethink their approach to the MSP business.


BIT wanted to find a solution which reduced the need for employees to visit customer locations while also providing a more transactional solution for large organizations which simplified the configuration and mangement of file access, synchronization and sharing. They needed to find a solution which would centralize file sharing in their data center so they could retire file servers in small businesses. With hosted exchange, applications and virtual servers, these servers were last remaining driver of customer visit. At the same time, the larger organizations were looking for something simpler than Sharepoint that could provide the sync and sharing capabilties of Dropbox without the security issues around loss of data control and information leakage threats. BIT evaluated 5 different solutions before CentreStack and they were either too buggy or failed to meet the following key requirements: 1. Solution needs to be rebrandable as a Canadian solution. 2. The data must remain in Canada. For example there are clients with medical data that has to stay in Canada. 3. The solution must provide an easy way to move away from on-premise file servers without disrupting user work flows or creating significant support or training burdens. 4. The solution must provide a simple replacement for complex solutions like Sharepoint without creating security threats.


Gladinet CentreStack met or exceeded all BIT requirements. The platform provided a simpler file sharing platform for large organizations without creating security threats. It allowed BIT to provide a centralized file sharing service where Data will remain under the control of a Canadian company and reside in Canada. With the soluition, BIT has significantly reduced the need for onsite visits by retiring file servers. The company is now able to efficiently scale without the drag of expensive, time consuming site visits or complex projects with low ROI.

"We tried 5 other products and CentreStack was the only one that met our requirements and didn't break. CentreStack has put a lot of thought into its design."

- Jerry Legierski, BIT Incorporated

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