Remote & Web Access to File Server Shared Folders

Accessing file server Shared Folder from remote location and mobile devices without VPN

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Windows File Server with File Sync and Share Capability - Where Security and Control Meet Mobility and Productivity

WAN Optimized Drive Mapping

Gladinet CentreStack solution has advanced drive mapping technology for Internet (Wide-Area-Network/WAN) based access

  • Native file system with advanced technology for mapped drive
  • We don't depend on WebDav, which is not a good fit for today's cloud
  • Native drive letter integration in windows explorer
  • WAN optimization and local cache (end point) encryption
  • Modern, interactive and responsive user interface
  • Remote and web access to shared folders
  • Centralized web based management

Auditing, Reporting and Security

CentreStack has many auditing, reporting and security related features

  • Active Directory & NTFS Permission Integration
  • Auditing events like login success and failure and IP address
  • File change log - who changed which file at what time from which device
  • Group Policies controlling remote access to the shared folder
  • Secure Data Room feature for read-only, view-only access to shared folder
  • IP-White-List controlling remote accessing IP Address
  • SAML single sign on for Azure AD, OKTA, DUO and many others
  • Two factor authentication with Google Authenticator, Duo and others

Version Control and File Locking for Collaboration

CentreStack has many features related to collaboration.

  • Additional version control on top of existing file server share
  • Automatic file locking for online access
  • Manual file locking, version control and conflict detection for offline access
  • Office 365 integration for concurrent web and mobile access
  • Collaboration within the company and also with external partners

Automatic Branding Support

CentreStack offers white label and complete branding support

  • From web portal to mobile client, all white-label support.
  • From web portal to native client, you can brand them all to your brand name.
  • We also offer technical support for branding

CentreStack is your #1 choice for remote & web access to server shared folders!

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