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Mobile Access To Hosted File Servers

Enhance hosted remote desktops with a light-weight mobile access and secure file sharing solution!

Simplifying Mobile Access To Hosted File Servers

The Challenge

Hosted file servers are typically accessed using a remote desktop connection, virtual private network (VPN) or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). These access methods work well enough for desktop users but it is quite cumbersome to start because of the interactive nature. For example, a normal work flow will be clicking on some remote desktop icons and connecting to the hosted remote desktop, and then using the Windows Explorer within the remote desktop to access files and folders.

For mobile workers, it would be nice for files and folders to follow workers on their mobile phones and laptops so they're readily available when needed. Users therefore have a tendency to turn to Dropbox and other 3rd party cloud storage services since they usually work this way.

But with CentreStack, there's no need to turn to third party cloud storage services to simplify mobile access and secure file sharing.

The Solution

CentreStack simplifies mobile access to hosted file servers by providing an access layer that publishes the file shares over HTTPS for easy access from an explorer-like interface that works from web browsers, mobile devices, or mapped drives on desktops.

Mobile Access from Cloud


The following data flow illustrates basic architecture and function for this solution. Click the picture for more details.

business woman showing mobile access architecture

Step 1

Users enter existing Active Directory (AD) user name and password on any supported client

Step 2

Credentials are passed securely over HTTPS to the CentreStack server

Step 3

The external firewall only needs to open port 443

Step 4

CentreStack finds the user's tenant and passes the credentials to the corresponding AD domain controller

Step 5

CS uses the authentication token from the domain controller to access internal file shares

Security Benefits

By keeping files on the hosted file server and maintaining Active Directory and NTFS permission, productivity is increased without sacrificing security!

Data Privacy

Data stays on hosted file servers. Remote access is governed by existing permissions. Data privacy is further maintained through isolated management of users and access rights in each tenant.

Access Controls

Use existing AD users and NTFS folder permissions with a simple interface to identify remotely accessible file shares that automatically appear in user's mapped drives


CentreStack allows admins to run HIPAA or GDPR compliancy checks and generate reports demonstrating compliance for file access and collaboration.

Productivity Benefits

Enhanced productivity for remote workers and mobile devices accessing hosted file servers


Files are cached locally so access feels instant without the cumbersome setup of remote desktops or VPN file sharing. Users get local performance when working remotely.


Legacy applications may continue to use the original file shares which remain unchanged even as CentreStack provides remote access to the same file shares from any device.


Minimize user training with a mapped drive that works the same on-premises or remotely. Provide a seamless local experience for users even when they are offline.

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