XTECHS is increasing their revenue while saving money for their clients by moving from Dropbox and Anchor to CentreStack.


Most of XTECHS’ clients were using Anchor and Dropbox. These solutions generally worked, but they were not satisfied with their enterprise capabilities. XTECHS also felt the price was too high - Dropbox was $15 per month, per user, with a 5 user minimum.

XTECHS wanted a more scalable and affordable solution that would be easier for their clients to use for file sync and sharing.


XTECHS has begun integrating with CentreStack. They are currently migrating clients away from Anchor and plan to eventually leverage CentreStack for every client’s file sync and share capabilities.

One of the key benefits that XTECHS’ CTO Nik Margulski pointed out is CentreStack’s ability to automatically inherit a system’s NTFS permissions dictating access control for files and folders. Anchor & DropBox cannot do this. This is a big reason why Nik has pegged CentreStack as an “enterprise grade file-sharing solution.” He said, “they’re enterprise level because of their file server enablement and their ability to mimic the NTFS permissions.”

A significant additional benefit, as recognized by Nik, is the ability to host their clients’ data versus having the data stored on offsite servers. He also noted that the clients find the interface intuitive and easy to use at a superior price point (about $5 per user)

CentreStack is a great solution. As I work with it more, I am starting to really grasp what it can do so I can push the product. Soon I will be making more money from it and giving all of my customers a really great product to use.

Nik Margulski



End-User Cost Savings

66% direct savings for end-users as a result of switching to CentreStack

Increased Revenue

XTECHS has already added $500 in new monthly revenue, and expect much more to come as they convert more clients

High Margins + Flexibility

XTECH has a 40% profit margin on CentreStack products, complemented by flexibility in the pricing structure

Managed Access

Clients can partition folders for specific vendors and internal usage

Better Service

Quick ticket response times and efficient problem resolution from customer service