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CentreStack vs. VPN File Sharing

CentreStack reduced our VPN tickets to zero! It's a fast, headache-free alternative to VPN file sharing that keeps data on our file servers while providing simplified remote access for mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

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CentreStack Solves the Headaches of VPN File Sharing

VPN file access and sharing can be a pain. Sure, you get secure remote access to your company file server through a private encrypted tunnel on the Internet, but configuring a VPN and training users can be painful and resource intensive. Just establishing a VPN connection requires signing in with a special application every time, and usually generates a steady stream of support tickets from users. Common complaints include trouble connecting, slow connections, reconnection issues, and interference with other network resources.

But easier cloud file sharing alternatives, like Dropbox or OneDrive, often raise privacy and security concerns even though they can get rid of a lot of the usability headaches. What you need is a solution that combines the best of both worlds - the trouble free productivity of cloud file sharing with the data privacy and security of on-premise file server.

Simplify File Server Access

CentreStack offers the best of both worlds by treating your file server like a private cloud. Data stays in the original file shares for internal access but remote users can securely access it over HTTPS/SSL using CentreStack mobile applications and client agent software specialized in easy file management and fast data transfer. So employees boost their productivity with a user experience that is simple, while businesses retain data ownership with their internal file servers.

Simplify Access

Simplify remote access, secure sharing and collaboration user experience.

Mobile Devices

Users get easy, anywhere access to file servers from mobile devices and PCs with applications specialized in file management.

Data Security

Files stay on-premises and encrypted at the end point cache.

No VPN Tickets

Clients are always connected over HTTPS and typically reduce VPN file sharing complaints to zero!

Fast and Easy

Mapped drives and features like on-demand sync and caching make the user feel that files are instantly accessible and always available.


Legacy applications and internal users continue to use existing shares with zero disruption.

Our customers say it best.

Benefits after Replacing VPN File Sharing

More secure than a VPN

Businesses can address data privacy concerns by using CentreStack as a VPN alternative that keeps data on-premises and only grants user's with access to the file shares they need instead of having to open the entire network.

Mobile access to file servers

CentreStack provides mobile application on iOS and Android to remotely access file shares without using a VPN. The access is done through HTTPS/SSL , locked down to file accessing protocols and protected by Active Directory and NTFS permissions.

Simplified user experience

Mobile device access, dropped connections, licensing issues and blocked ports are common VPN problems that you won't have to deal when using CentreStack as a VPN alternative.

Centrally manage granular folder permissions

for complete control and visibility, permissions can be managed from the file server that was their source, or natively with CentreStack.

Simpler centralized management

Admins can be overwhelming to manage data across file servers, email and other file access or sharing mechanisms. CentreStack provides a single platform with unified management for all access scenarios.

White labeled file sharing solution

CentreStack provides a white labeled platform that makes it easy for MSP partners to build a private cloud file server solution based on infrastructure from Amazon, Azure or Wasabi.

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