Varonis DatAnywhere Alternative for Remote Access to File Servers

White Labeled File Sync and Share Solution For Managed Service Providers

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Here is why CentreStack is better than Varonis DatAnywhere

True File System Driver for Selective Sync

CentreStack client side technology is based on a true file system driver so it is more intuitive for the following feature

  • On Demand Sync - you can sync files on demand when the file is opened.
  • Selective Sync - you can mark folders off-line
  • Native Drive Letter Integration in Windows Explorer
  • Mapped Drive Experience that Users are Familiar with

Native NTFS Integration

CentreStack integrates with Active Directory and can delegate access check 100% to NTFS network share

  • Files and folder access control can integrate 100% with NTFS access control
  • Access control can be as granular as to a single file based on NTFS permission
  • Active Directory User Identity Preserved

Team Folder Access Control

CentreStack provides team folder with granular folder permission control

  • users can have read/write/owner permission at team folder level
  • users can have read/write/list/delete at sub folder level

Enterprise Grade Security, Control, Customization and Scalability

CentreStack is deployed by enterprise organizations having 250K+ users

  • Proven scalability for the whole organization of 250K+ users
  • Enterprise grade security and control with fine granularity of group policies
  • End-to-end customization and branding support
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