Nexanet GmbH

Nexanet GmbH is a Swiss MSP with managed services leveraging CentreStack as the cloud storage solution for all of their clients.

Case Study


Nexanet typically serves clients with 1-10 staff members that don’t have a file server of their own. Nexanet wasn’t providing a cloud storage or file share solution at the time, but clients overwhelmingly seemed to want a cloud-based solution that would allow them to easily access their files from anywhere.

While Nexanet wanted to add cloud storage to their services as a new revenue stream, it was also a top priority for them to find a well-designed system that would easily integrate with their own.

Why They Chose Centrestack

Nexanet chose CentreStack as their cloud-based file server in part due to the refined design of their interface.

“I looked at a lot of software from different vendors. A lot of them were Microsoft based, but used Linux features. If you design it right, you either go all Linux or all Microsoft. CentreStack has the best design,” said Matt Bosshard of Nexanet GmbH.

Another reason they chose to go with CentreStack was scalability. “When you run out of server resources, you can just add more servers, add more storage or more databases - it is all very easy,” said Matt.

I’ve had a great experience with CentreStack customer service. They are really responsive, even at night. They always get things sorted out.

Matt Bosshard,




Nexanet directly increased revenue by integrating CentreStack and selling it to their entire existing client base.


Nexanet has experienced rapid response times to their support tickets. CentreStack is committed to solving their problems as quickly as possible.


Matt told us, “CentreStack simply had more features than Microsoft OneDrive.”