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4D IT Solutions
Rolesville, North Carolina Rockwall, Texas

IT Consultant, 4D IT Solutions, boosts revenue by packaging CentreStack as an on-premise server cloud solution.

CentreStack customer service is really good. They use electronic ticketing, which is what we prefer. To be transparent, in the 3 years since we rolled out CentreStack, we have had very few issues, which speaks volumes to the quality of their solution.


CEO, 4D IT Solutions

Norwalk, Connecticut

Aegis Technology Partners, (Aegis) improved profit margins and client experience by switching from Anchor to CentreStack.

We have a financial advisor franchise customer. They are a small office and don’t justify having a server. But in this case, we were able to use the CentreStack solution to use a cloud-based server. Getting their corporate IT department’s approval was difficult - they checked everything out, and CentreStack was approved as compliant because the data was secure.

Aegis Technology Partners

Vienna, Virginia

Computerware Inc., an MSP with managed services, finds more revenue and a simplified user experience through CentreStack.

Franklyn (CentreStack/Gladinet co-founder) is a wealth of knowledge. He definitely wants to help make sure that we, as a company, are successful with his product. He seems most interested in making us success

President, Computerware, Inc.

Damecon (StorXS)

Damecon (aka StorXS), a Netherlands based MSP, uses CentreStack and privately hosted file servers to help their clients remain compliant in a strict regulatory environment

Now we can go to any healthcare provider in the Netherlands and say ‘this is all functioning according to Dutch healthcare regulations.

Director & Co-owner, Damecon

Doberman Technologies
Mason, Michigan

Managed Service Provider, Doberman Technologies, relies on CentreStack because of their quality product and service as well as their focus on supporting Doberman as a channel partner.

They didn’t have to do that (help us recover data).They went the extra mile; they brought development in, senior technical resources, and said, ‘Let’s try to figure out a way that we can save this for you.


ByteWize Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ

ByteWize Inc. partnered with CentreStack to reduce costs, increase profitability, and provide their clients with an easy to use data storage solution.

It’s really easy for my users. I can just tell clients, go to your “M” folder, all your files are there. They just get it. They can also download the app on any mobile device - it’s just really simple to set up and to use. It's also easy to manage and easy to sell.
Lori Hardtke

President, ByteWize Inc.

Kilpatrick IT Solutions
Merrimack, New Hampshire

Kilpatrick IT Solutions, a desktop-as-a-service operation with about 350 users and 75 servers, uses CentreStack for their file sharing.

Our environment is pretty complex and not your standard environment. Any time we run into an issue or configuration question, and if we need to talk directly to development, they are just all over it. My engineers love those guys.


Mannassi IT Solutions
Canoga Park, California

MSP Mannassi IT Solutions white labels CentreStack as a file sync and share solution with profit margins around 90%.

The primary competition is Dropbox, OneDrive or Sharepoint out of Office 365. But they don’t really match up to what CentreStack does. I think CentreStack is far superior because of all the capability of sharing and syncing


Nexanet GmbH

Nexanet GmbH is a Swiss MSP with managed services leveraging CentreStack as the cloud storage solution for all of their clients.

I’ve had a great experience with CentreStack customer service. They are really responsive, even at night. They always get things sorted out.


Noverus Innovations
Roseville, California

Noverus Innovations, an MSP covering numerous industries, uses CentreStack for 100% of their managed services clients

CentreStack is the best file server replacement solution on the market. They aren’t just leading the market, but they basically created a new market - none of the other products can do the things that I can do with CentreStack.

CEO, Noverus

OneSource Technology
Wixom, Michigan

MSP, OneSource Technology, replaces their legacy file sharing system with CentreStack and leverages their per user pricing option to grow revenue

I get regular emails and phone calls that simply say, ‘How are things going? How can we help you to grow the business?’ They have been extremely responsive any time there are support issues and with feature additions


Rock Solid Computer Services
Sudbury, Ontario

Rock Solid Computer Services is an MSP based in Canada that uses CentreStack to share files from servers on-premises.

The biggest highlight has been the response time. Any time we report either issues or feature requests, I would say 75% of the time, either the fix or the feature is added within the week. There are weekly updates; they are smooth and easy. The response time of the development team has been astounding.

Owner, Rock Solid Computer Services

Tanda Technologies
Toronto, Ontario

Canadian MSP, Tanda Technologies has met their clients needs and grown revenue by 5% by white labeling CentreStack as a cloud-based file sharing solution.

The greatest benefit for our clients is the ability to share files securely and access those files from anywhere. The greatest benefit for us is that it is a very good income stream. We have grown our revenue by roughly 5% with CentreStack.

President, Tanda Technologies

Team Computing
Sydney Melbourne Brisbane, Australia

Australian based MSP Team Computing integrated CentreStack as a file sharing solution to better serve one of their clients with a manufacturing facility in mainland China.

Working with the support team has been great. They have a support person based in our time zone. If we have a problem we can always step through it and get to the solution.

Solutions Manager, Team Computing

Cloud Advisors
United States

Cloud Advisors is an MSP founded in 2019 that focuses on bringing cloud solutions to small and mid-sized businesses

We have been in this business since the early 90s. We really took the time to evaluate our solution and CentreStack was the best choice for us.

Co-Founder, Cloud Advisors

Tenacious Networks
Burnaby, British Columbia

Canadian based MSP, Tenacious Networks, (Aegis) adds revenue and saves time by switching to CentreStack.

CentreStack is familiar; the interface is easy to adapt to. Our clients can see all of their files as they typically access them. They are using cloud storage the way they typically stored files with their old file system

Tenacious Networks

Sacramento, California

XTECHS is increasing their revenue while saving money for their clients by moving from Dropbox and Anchor to CentreStack.

CentreStack is a great solution. As I work with it more, I am starting to really grasp what it can do so I can push the product. Soon I will be making more money from it and giving all of my customers a really great product to use.


Tilt Technology
Washington, United States

Tilt Technology, an MSP based in the Healthcare industry, switches from Cornerstone to CentreStack and finds significant improvements for themselves and their clients.

CentreStack customer service has been fantastic. When we do run into issues they are very responsive, and they have been able to resolve any issues very quickly.

Co-Founder, Tilt Technology