Data Control

Control Data Location, Access & Ownership.
Prevent Information Leakage.

The Battle for Control

CentreStack provides file sync and share without loss of data control. Cloud migration has created an environment where companies are fighting to gain control of customer data to increase customer retention and value. File sync and share adoption with other platforms usually implies a loss of data control and increased risk of information leakage.

Control Data Location & Access

CentreStack lets you control data location, access and ownership. It is a brandable software platform that you can install in any location to create a virtual access appliance. It can also be configured to use storage directly on a file server or move the data to a location that you control.

Prevent Information Leakage

Information leakage occurs when sensitive business data gets into the wrong hands. CentreStack addresses leakage threats of third party services through on-premise deployment and the management of users, devices and security.

Data Control Features

  • Self-Hosted

  • Use NTFS & Active Directory for Access Control

  • Policy-Based File Sharing

  • Ransomware Detection

  • Antivirus Integration

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