Web Based Management Console

Please referece the “CentreStack Admin Guide” for more details about tenant administration. Here is a few points that are more importants during the deployment phase.

You can enter the web based management console by selecting ‘Management Console’ under user’s name in the top right.


After you click into the “Management Console”, you will see tenant level management tasks.


Team Folders

Team Folders are created by the tenant admin. The users that can be assigned to the team folders are the team users within the tenant. Each team user can be assigned read or write permissions to the team folder. For the team users that are not assigned with a specific team folder, the team folder will not show up. Team folders users can also be assigned the “Owner” permission. The owner permission allows the “owner” to maintain and manage the team folder permissions.


Storage Manager

Tenant admin can update the default (primary) storage configuration information. For example, if the default storage is using Amazon S3, the tenant admin can update the S3 bucket, access key and secret key. However, tenant admin can not switch the default storage into a different storage service. The cluster admin can help the tenant admin switch the default storage.

Tenant admin can also add auxiliary storage by using the “Attach Storage” options. Default storage is the root folder of the tenant. Attached auxiliary storage is top level folders inside the root folder.


User Manager

In user manager, you can create users, import users from Active Directory over LDAP or import users from Active Directory via Server Agent.

_images/image047.png _images/image048.png

Delegate Administration

You can add full delegated admin to the list of “Cloud Administrators”.


Active Directory Integration (Optional)

It is optional to setup Active Directory Integration. You can get to the integration page from Management Console -> Advanced -> Active Directory Settings. The active directory setting here refers to local Active Directory with LDAP integration. For remote Active Directory, server agent can be used to connect remote file server folders and remote Active Directory.



If this specific tenant’s Active Directory is at a remote location, please use CentreStack Server Agent to connect Active Directory (No need to use LDAP over Internet WAN connection).

Group Policy

Granular group policies can be configured for the entire tenant users from Management Console -> Group Policy.


Please reference “CentreStack Admin Guide” for complete reference for tenant administration.